Acapella Fidelio

 Pressebericht HiFi exclusiv 3/92


Stand mounted loudspeaker, cabinet with a real wood verneer and cherry wood design.Stiff sheets of metal are screwed together and form the back in order to avoid vibrations. Interior wiring is hand-solded.

"At the time of the development, Acapella’s team could not use the MLS-SA computer system yet, a measuring instrument for phase accuracy. Correct phase was achieved with the help of golden ears, correct consideration and control measuring by using conventional technology." HIFIexclusiv 3/92

"Slowly but surely Fidelio began to show its sonic qualities: a naturally sweet and truthful quality to the tonality of instruments and voices, perfect soundstage and imaging and the ability to bring the atmosphere of the music closer to you". Audio 10/92

Dimensions of the loudspeakers systems:

Measurements incl. stand: 35 x 118 x 42 cm
Weight incl. stand: 25 kg
Power handling: 60 W continuous 1000 W peak/1ms