Acapella Fondato Silenzio

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» Mathematische Analyse von Dr. Willi Seelig und Dr. Christoph Seelig «
ACAPELLA "Fondato Silenzio"


All powered electronics within a device are producing electromagnetic vibrations. Depending on the design and material of the devices, these vibrations have a greater or lesser degree of effects in the form of mecanical resonances.These resonances will reduce perfect operation of the electronics, such as transistors, valves, resistors, boards, high frequency coils, power supplies etc.Therefore, HiFi components will show the following effects: limited dynamics, non-transparent sound reproduction at lower volumes. Inaccurate reproduction of impulses at higher volumes; limited soundstaging and imaging, balance inaccuracy of the stereo signal will result in the lack of a definite center between the loudspeakers.

The solution

Depending on the design of your components and the possibility of a "coupling", Acapella bases "Fondato Silenzio" can eliminate the above described effects and will optimize the sonic performance of your HiFi system. Due to the reduced electromagnetic distortions, sound reproduction of your components will be more lively, more three-dimensional,cleaner and, at low volumes, much more transparent.

The result

If we assume that all components of your HiFi system have been optimized by using Acapella’s bases, then you will have a sound experience that is only comparable with the three-dimensional reproduction of live music: a holographic event.

The function

The above mentioned resonances of the electronics are transmitted to the boards. Through the fixings of the boards, these resonances can cause vibration of the casings. At this point, Acapella’s base gets its full damping effect. The resonances will be diverted to the aluminium surface via three aluminium pucks. From this surface, the resonances go immediately into layers of plumb and felt and will finally be eliminated within a layer of finest quartz sand. The better the device is coupled with the base, the greater the desired effect.


In the regular case, the devices should be placed on the base with three pucks in-between. It is also possible to place the base with the pucks in-between upside down on the top side of the device. Another base design, made of two damping metal layers, can be placed between two devices. Damping factor of the base is also guaranteed without the pucks, but we recommend to use them for best performance.


Begin to optimize performance with the amplifier(s) first, followed by the preamp and the CD-player or CD transport last. A positive effect is also given when you use "Fondato Silenzio" as the bases for your loudspeakers.


470x370x35 (WxDxH) Standard
All dimensions available upon request (minimum size DIN A4)
Wooden frame, pear-wood black, other designs upon request